Jam Club

Jam Club is Revolution Music’s ensemble program that allows students the opportunity to play with other students and would be considered separate from the other programs offerered. Each semester will run 4 months with a total of 8 one hour rehearsals. Each band will learn at least 5 songs per semester. The benefits from this program include:

Learning to play in a band by utilizing the instrumentation taught at our school.

Learn the art of performance by applying what you’ve learned through private lessons

Develop confidence and stage presence in prepraration for the live performance

Become well-rounded and creative

Grow immeasurably as a musician by group training

Different levels/classifications of this class will be offered for both new and existing students as outlined below:

Beginning Ensemble I – Student displays ability to play basic Funk, Rock, Pop, etc—basic drum fills, and basic reading ability required by the students.

Intermediate Ensemble II -- Student displays ability to play in Rock, Funk, and Pop – reading as well as some experience playing in a group is required.

Intermediate Ensemble III – Student displays ability to play Rock, Pop, Funk, basic Jazz and basic Latin as well as experience in a group.

Advanced Ensemble – Student displays ability with most musical styles as well as experience playing in a group.

Student Jam Club Musical Style Options are listed as follows:

Basic Ensemble: Emphasis on one particular style of music such as Rock, R&B, Country, Funk, Blues, Praise and Worship, Jazz and Latin, etc.

Variety Ensemble: Well rounded approach with the emphasis on two or three different styles of music, i.e., Rock, Jazz, Latin.

Creative Ensemble: An opportunity for the student to come together and create their own original music piece in their choice of style.

At the conclusion on the program, the students would showcase their hard work and effort via a live concert held at a venue before an audience of family and friends. This performance would act as the student’s final exam in that given session. The cost for this program is $250.00 including the final performance.